Query-Driven Innovation

Better Questions, Better Answers

Are you asking the questions that will inspire action?

What questions, if answered, will delivery business breakthroughs?

Source:  "A More Beautiful Question" by Warren Berger

We tap your best minds to find the most inspiring questions using mobile software to speed things up.

Lean Process Management

Are your processes fast & lean to speed learning so you can adapt faster to a changing world? 

Fail fast- learn fast!  As Thomas Edison, the light bulb inventor, once said:  

"I’ve discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work." 

Everyone Needs to Think Like a Marketer

Marketing technology has become so complex that it touches virtually every functional area of a business.  Today, Marketing is fast becoming a horizontal function.  It demands that all your people understand their unique connection to customer delight and lifetime customer value.

Is every business process aligned with your promise to deliver unique, game-changing value?

Does every customer touchpoint work in concert with your brand promise?